The South Haven Community Foundation Board of Directors has revised the grant application timeline. There will be one grant application cycle per year instead of the two (Spring & Fall) we have had in the past. To be eligible for the next round of grant funding, applications must be electronically submitted by March 15, 2018. Please visit the Grants Page for form and requirements.

Announcing the 2017 SHCF Grant Award Winners!

The Board of Directors and Grants Committee of the SHCF is pleased to announce recipients of grant funding for educational programs and projects in 2017:

Al-Van Humane Society
City of South Haven
Foundry Hall
Historical Association of South Haven
Junior Achievement of Southwestern Michigan
Michigan Maritime Museum
South Haven Center for the Arts
South Haven Performance Series
South Haven Speaker Series
Youth Development Company/PAL

A total distribution of $14,000 was made possible through generous donations from our individual donors and businesses in the South Haven area.

YAC also awarded grants for several projects in the SH Public Schools in the amount of $6,000. A reception in honor the recipients was held at the Bailey Hyde Museum. Congratulations to all!

The Amy and Tom Eubanks Simon Endowment Fund

The South Haven Community Foundation is honored to announce the establishment of the Amy and Tom Eubanks Simon Field of Interest Endowment Fund. The fund was created by Tom Simon in August of 2017 in honor of his wife Amy, who dearly loved the city of South Haven, Lake Michigan and the piers that enable so many of our community and visitors to enjoy the lake and its lighthouse.

Amy passed away in June of 2016 after a battle with cancer. Wheelchair bound for the last several years of her life her husband Tom devoted much of his life to ensuring Amy got to enjoy the things she treasured most. It quickly became apparent that taking a wheelchair out to South Haven’s Pier’s was risky if not outright dangerous. The South Haven Community Foundation, working with the City of South Haven and the Army Corp of Engineers came to an understanding on making repairs to the south pier that would make the pier significantly safer and more amenable to wheelchair and stroller access. While no firm timetable has been set, the city foresees some work beginning in 2018 to remove the iron obstacle covering the electrical line running to the lighthouse.

Grants from the endowment will continue to make improvements to the north and south piers from year to year. The foundation appreciates another opportunity for donors to make a difference in the South Haven community.

Meet SHCF Board Member Dene Hadden

Dene Hadden

Dene is retired from South Haven Public schools in 2007 after serving thirty five years in the system. During his administrative tenure, he instituted the athletic hall of fame, increased MEAP and ACT test scores and enlarged dual enrollment programs that allowed SHHS students to earn college credit while in high school. Dene also served as a coach in the district, coaching JV baseball for six years and varsity volleyball coach for 17 years. He is a member of the Rotary Club, the South Haven Public Schools Foundation Board, and is the public address announcer for the South Haven High School volleyball program. Dene serves as Vice President of the SHCF Board.

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